Helping People Find and Follow Jesus
Helping People Find and Follow Jesus


A Love Story

You know God loves the world collectively, but how can you be sure He loves you personally? It’s not by interpreting your circumstances, because they are always changing, sometimes arguing for God’s love, sometimes arguing against it. No, there has to be something more reliable, more unchanging. There is. We’ll focus on it this Sunday…

Why People Reject Jesus

Some people say “I can’t” when what they really mean is “I won’t.” They say that what is keeping them from Jesus is an unconvinced mind, but the real issue is an unwilling heart. This Sunday at White Pine, in our study of Mark 11:27–12:27, we are going to see through the intellectual objections of…

Jesus Under Pressure

“True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure. The greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation.” It was Robert McKee who wrote that, and we know it’s true, because we have seen it in our own lives and in the lives of others. Pressure reveals character. In our study of…

Descending Into Greatness

“We are built for significance,” wrote Joe Stowell. “Our problem is not that we search for it, but that we search for it in all the wrong places.” OK, then, what’s the right place? In Mark 10:32-45, Jesus gives us a clear and unforgettable answer to that question. If you want to be a truly…

Young At Heart

We expect kids to learn from their elders, but the most important lesson in life is something they can teach us.

What do kids know that we adults don’t? And why do we have such a hard time learning what comes so naturally to them?

We’ll learn from the way Jesus interacts with both children and adults (in Mark 10:13-31) how to be young at heart when it comes to that which matters most.

Jesus On Divorce & Remarriage

Divorce has wounded more people per square mile than almost any other relational tragedy. No wonder we’re reluctant to subject ourselves to a sermon about it!

But one thing we can count on when Jesus is doing the teaching is that we will both hear truth and feel grace. I hope you will take the risk of joining us as we study Mark 10:1-12, because only good can come from sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Teachable Moments

Imagine looking back on February 4, 2018 as one of the most memorable days of your life–not because that was the day the Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl, but because that was the day God spoke to you so personally and so powerfully that your life was never the same. It is remarkable to…