Helping People Find and Follow Jesus
Helping People Find and Follow Jesus

Kid Connect


KidConnect is our Sunday Morning program for infants through 5th graders. We want the kids in your life to join us! We meet each week during the church service and have five different age groups:


Mothers and Infants

We have a room just for nursing moms, female caregivers, and babies who are not yet walking.  We are located down the hallway to the left of the cafeteria. There is a live audio feed so that you can hear the service while attending to your infant.  When possible we have volunteers in the room so that you can leave your infant in caring hands while you are in the service!

Stepping Stones

Ages 0-3
Stepping Stones is our nursery program for babies, toddlers and young pre-schoolers. We are located down the hallway to the left of the cafeteria. Our little ones play, hear the Bible story of the week, and do some crafts. Please bring your little one to our group before the service begins.

Building Blocks

Ages 3-5 (Pre-Schoolers)
Building Blocks is our program for pre-schoolers. We meet in a classroom to the left of the gym. Pre-schoolers stay with their families for worship in the gym, and then they are dismissed as a group. Each week we learn a Bible story that shows a basic truth about God and how much He loves us. We play games, do crafts and sing songs that help us remember what God wants us to know!

Living Links

Kindergarten – 3rd grade
Living Links is our program for early elementary kids. We meet on the left side of the cafeteria. Kids stay with their families for worship in the gym, and then they are dismissed as a group. Each week we hear a Bible story that reveals one of God’s virtues, and then we discover how to live out that virtue as a kid growing up in Maine!

Live Wires

4th & 5th graders
Live Wires is our program for our preteens. We meet behind the gym in the music room. Kids stay with their families for worship in the gym, and then they are dismissed as a group. Each week we discover how to own our faith and live out God’s purpose for us. We want our emerging teens to have a faith that is independent, personal, and strong before they head off to middle school!

Some things you need to know before you join us on Sunday morning:

On your first visit we will ask you to fill out an information sheet so that we have everything we need to know about your child, such as special health needs.

All kids need to be signed in, each week, when you arrive at church. Kids preschool and older are signed in at the table in the lobby with the orange tablecloth, right as you are walking into the gym. Babies (walking) and toddlers can be brought directly to our “Stepping Stones” group where one of our caregivers will check in your child and make sure both you and your child feel secure. Mothers and infants (crawling and younger) may use our “quiet” room throughout the service as needed.

The babies and toddlers rooms are open starting at 9:45. Kids preschool and older stay in the service with you for worship time, and are dismissed together to their groups at around 10:15. You are welcome to come out with your child and walk over with all of us to the group area, or your child can simply join the group of kids heading out of the gym and into the lobby area where we then separate into our groups.

We will text you if there is a problem with your child, so please make sure we have your cell phone number, and that you keep your phone close to you during the service, set to vibrate. Let us know if you would prefer that we use a different method.

Please come promptly after the service to pick up your child. We dismiss all kids one at a time, and only to the parent or guardian whose name is on the daily sign in sheet. Please do not enter the group’s room or space unless the teacher or caregiver welcomes you in.

Any kids who have been sick within the last 24 hours need to stay with you so that we can keep all our kids and volunteers healthy. This includes fever, vomiting or diarrhea, infection or other communicable disease.

We encourage all of our families to keep the conversation going throughout the week! We provide many resources to help you initiate spiritual conversations, such as weekly emails, smart phone apps, websites, videos, and music. We want to partner with you as you guide your kids through their journey of faith!