Helping People Find and Follow Jesus
Helping People Find and Follow Jesus

Sermons by Greg Sidders (Page 4)

Is Heaven The Same For Everyone?

Assuming you are going to heaven, will it really matter 1,000 years from now how you lived on earth?

That’s an important question, because if there are no eternal benefits for earthly commitment to Christ and His kingdom, it’s tempting to slack off. On the other hand, if heaven is eternally better for some than it is for others–well, that should motivate us toward faithfulness, shouldn’t it?

In our final message of the NextLife series, we’ll see whether the Bible teaches that everyone will be equally happy in heaven.

1,000 Things To Do After You Die

Is heaven boring?

Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered. As much as we who follow Jesus love to worship God, the notion that we won’t do anything else in heaven is a little disappointing, isn’t it? Maybe even a little frightening.

Relax. It’s a myth. The title of my message this Sunday is “1,000 Things to Do After You Die.” We won’t cover all 1,000, but there will be enough variety to make you look forward to heaven rather than dreading it.

Who Will Be With You In Heaven?

What’s the best thing about heaven?

You know the right answer: Being with God.

But let’s be honest: We long for more than that, don’t we? Given a choice, I think we’d all prefer to be with God AND those we love most in this world.

This Sunday at White Pine, we’re going to learn from the Bible, whether that is a dream that will or will not come true. I hope to see you there, sitting next to those you most want to be with you in heaven.

Your ETERNAL Itinerary

Last week we gazed at a very attractive–and surprisingly familiar–picture of our eternal home, and my guess is that it reduced your apprehension and heightened your anticipation of heaven.

But did I tell you that our trip to the new heaven and new earth is not a nonstop flight? No? Sorry about that. But no worries–the two layovers that are part of our post-death journey are both better than you can imagine, too.

We will learn what we can expect to enjoy immediately after we die (if Jesus doesn’t return first), and what the thousand-plus years between then and the unveiling of the new heaven and new earth will be like.

Might this be a subject your “one” would be interested in? If so, I hope you’ll find your voice and invite them to be our guest.

What Is Heaven Like

Some people think it’s impossible to know what heaven is like until you get there.

But that’s not true. Of course there is much about the afterlife that is a mystery, but there are many clues in the Bible about what heaven will be like. This Sunday at White Pine, we are beginning a five-part study on heaven that, I promise, will make you look forward to going there.

Is your “one” interested in life after death? If so, this would be a great time to invite them to join you!

When Danger Looms

We all have our own cross to bear. What’s yours?
Before you answer that, you might want to hear what Jesus had to say about cross-bearing. And that’s exactly what we are going to do this Sunday at White Pine. As we prepare for Holy Week, we are not just going to talk about the cross Jesus bore, but the one He calls you and me to bear. You may never hear more shocking … or more liberating … truth from the lips of Jesus.

When Loyalties Clash

To say that God is pro-family is stating the obvious, right? So why did Jesus say so many things that challenge our natural tendency to put family first?
We are going to wrestle with the most shocking statement Jesus ever made about families. As hard as it will be to hear, I trust it will be good for us, because Jesus did not come to rob us of life at its best, but to help us find it.
Plus, He loves our families more than we do, and He knows how to lead us to a lifestyle that will shake those we love out of spiritual apathy. For their sake, let’s go where Jesus leads.

When Disillusionment Hits

Be everywhere, do everything, and never fail to astonish the customer.” That’s the motto of Macy’s, and it also sums up what I expected from Jesus when I first began to follow Him. I thought He would be everywhere and do everything I wanted Him to do with astonishing power.
He has astonished me all right–by not doing what I expected. Everyone who follows Jesus will at some point hit the
this-isn’t-what-I-signed-up-for wall of disillusionment. Why should we keep following Him when He doesn’t exceed our expectations?
We are going to watch Jesus astonish His disciples, and not in a delightful way. We’ll see most turn away and a few keep following. And we will discover what fueled the endurance of the minority, so that we too will have what it takes to follow our unpredictable Lord all the way to the finish line.

When Wealth Strangles

It is impossible to follow Jesus in a society as prosperous as America without ever wrestling with the question of what He wants you to do with your money.

Unfortunately, answers to that question–even by those who claim to teach the Bible–vary so dramatically that, lacking clarity, we gravitate toward our preferences … or, to use the language of the apostle Paul, we gather around us a great number of teachers to say what our itching ears want to hear (2 Timothy 4:3).

But I dare you to find a prosperity preacher who regularly quotes the Gospel of Luke. Why? Well, let’s just say Luke doesn’t scratch where we itch.

But integrity demands that we brace ourselves and let Luke speak, because his Gospel contains far more words of Jesus on the subject of money and possessions than any other New Testament book. So this Sunday at White Pine, we are going to highlight every quote of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke that has financial implications.

I promise you this: Clarity.