September 2017 - Toddlers Parent Cue



JOSHUA 6:1-20
God is with Joshua.
Who is always with you?
God is always with me.
BASIC TRUTH:  God loves me


When you go in your child’s room this month say, “Good morning! There’s my sweet boy/girl! (Give your child a big hug.) God loves you so much and so does Mommy/Daddy!”


As you put your child in his/her car seat, name the things that are with him/her as you point to them. For example: “Your sippy cup is with you. Your blanket is with you. And God is ALWAYS with you!”


Cuddle up with your child this month and pray, “Dear God, thank You for giving [child’s name] to me. I love him/her so much. It’s amazing to think that You love him/her even more! Help me to trust that You are always with him/her. I want him/her to trust that You are always with him/her too. I love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


Ask your child which toy he/she would like to be with him/her during bath time. As you bathe your child, ask a few times, “Where’s your [name of toy]? Is it with you?” As you dry your child off tell him/her, “God is always with you because He loves you!”

From the Parent Cue Blog:


by Reggie Joiner

I distinctly remember having a conversation with my oldest daughter one night when I was tucking her into bed. It was one of those days when she had gotten in about as much trouble as a five-year-old can. Right before I turned out the lights, I was compelled to ask her this question: “Do you think I love you more when you’re good or more when you’re bad?”
She immediately responded, “You love me more when I’m good!” My heart sank when I realized that was her perception of our relationship. I tried to apologize to her and started that night repeating to her over time, “I hope you will always remember that I love you the same when you are good or bad.”
It’s so easy for us to make the rules more important than the relationship. It’s in the tone of our voice, our body language, and our eyes. If we are not careful, disappointment in our kids' behavior can be translated into their hearts as rejection . . . 

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